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[meme] how did it end up like this


How to play
① Tag in with your name/series.
② Go to RNG and roll 1-10. That's your scenario!
③ Tag!
④ Do the bow chicka bow she wop wop doobedoo.


ACCIDENTAL. Did someone shove you on the subway? Were you standing too close and did one of you trip? Oops, this is awkward!
PASSIONATE. You love this person so much that it's impossible to hold yourself in check any more!
GENTLE. They knew it was coming, you knew it was too late to back out. Trouble is, you're having a lot of FEELINGS.
GIGGLY. How are you supposed to kiss them when neither of you can stop laughing?
SMOOTH. You couldn't have been smoother with that smooch if you were whisked with fruit, dashed with milk and served over the counter.
DANGEROUS. This really isn't the time to be getting romantic! If it goes wrong, you can always blame the adrenaline, right? Right.
SAD. Remember: a wet kiss is a memorable kiss, even if it isn't a good one.
TEASING. The tables have turned: this time, they will be the one left wanting more.
PAINFUL. Clinked teeth? Banged foreheads? Well done, Romeo, now you both share the same sore distraction.
LINGERING. You just ... can't ... stop. Uh oh.
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[This was no time to be hiding in a hole. Granted that it's less than a hole and more like a cave but details. What they should be doing is crawling out through the now small entrance and fight the thing head-on instead of sitting here in the dark at the back of the cave... waiting.

So what if Naruto's leaking blood all over the place like a faucet? Kurama will heal it up soon enough. Every minute they waste here is another minute they aren't kicking the crap out of the monstrous-sized creature out for blood. Every minute could mean another life is gone. Hopefully no one got stupid and drew it away from the cave. Naruto's sure that the pounding isn't just in his head and happens to be the creature trying to get inside to follow the two of them.

Maybe what he'd done was foolish seeing as how it ended up with his head cracked open like a melon but Naruto would do it again. He couldn't ignore the fact that a little boy had been right in the way and there wasn't a lot of time to do anything but take the attack straight on. The boy came away with nothing but scrapes and bruises while it turned out that Naruto wasn't as hard-headed as other people say.

Even with blood dripping into one eye and everything going blurry, he had still tried to fight. For the villagers. He literally had to be dragged off of the battlefield by Sasuke since he was absolutely no help at all. At the moment he kind of wished that Sakura was with them instead of treating the villagers that had been severely injured so that he could get back out there.

Naruto looks over at his pale companion with a serious frown on his face.]
I'm telling you, I'm fine.
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[Even though his friend isn't saying anything - Naruto can only guess that the other is thinking terrible things about him. But he knows that Kurama's regenerative ability will take care of his wound just so long as they don't run out of chakra. He can work through the dizziness and blurry vision during that time.

It's a good thing he was the one injured because Naruto knows even less about taking care of injuries than Sasuke. The best he could do is bandage a wound and that probably wouldn't even do much in this situation. When Sasuke glares at him, he just ignores it.]

Tch, jerk. [It's said without any real bite to it. And well, he isn't being completely quiet but Naruto does stay put.

Having the cloth touched to the wound makes him wince and hiss, but he fights the unconscious urge to pull away. Blue eyes narrow when Sasuke grabs his face - not really certain what the other is doing. He has this extremely childish itch to either have a staring contest or knock his forehead against the other's until he quickly decides that it would hurt him more than Sasuke.

The need to move becomes too great and instead of pulling away, Naruto moves in closer. Maybe the pounding wasn't the monster outside or even the throb of his head because suddenly it seems way too loud and a lot faster than it had been. Or maybe it's a combination.

Either way, he acts entirely on instinct. Whatever Sasuke's thinking about what he's about to do... is probably wrong. If he did know, he would most likely pull away.

Naruto continues to lean in, rather slowly at first before moving swiftly to press his lips against his friend's. This isn't like the first time - no one bumped into him to cause an accidental meeting. It's something the blond has done purposefully. Being so close, he can really smell the other. A mixture of earth and something that can only be described as simply Sasuke. Despite the sharp words the raven-haired teen chooses to use, his lips are incredibly soft and Naruto finds he doesn't hate this.

He doesn't hate it at all.

Actually, he kind of likes it.]
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